Flap,Tripod,Turnstile access Control System bd

Digital automation bd provide best and perfect Solution of Secured entrance Controlled at Sports Complex, Bank parks and Govt. Office etc

Purposes of flap barrier

The purpose of flaps is to generate more lift at slower airspeed which enables the airplane to fly at a gently reduced speed with a lower risk of stalin. This is specially useful during takeoff and landing.

What is access control system ?

Access control system are electronic system that facilitate automated approval for authorized personnel to enter through a security portal without the need for a security officer to review and validate the authorization of the person.

How does turnetile work ?

Turnstile often ratchet mechanism that only allow the stiles to rotate in one direction and not in the other.
Turnstiles provide superior access control by both detecting and deterring unauthorized entries.

What is swing barrier ?

Swing barrier is an advanced & economical entrance control system that helps to get rid of unauthorized entry inside your premises.