Automatic Revolving Door

Digital Automatic Revolving Door is modern and fashionable door. It is space saving door. This entrance gives clear statement of your company’s image.

Overall features of Revolving Door

  • The frame is aluminum alloy, high intensity and good surface finish. Various materials and colorful outer ornament can be chosen: such as hairline stainless steel Mirror plate stainless steel, fluorocarbon coating aluminum, anodizing, copper decoration(router deep processing)
  • Glass can choose laminated glass, hot bending glass and so on
  • Ceiling is composed of radial wedge plate, keep in good accord with door’s material and color
  • Canopy is done dust treatment, via plywood of metal, do seal via treatment at out door
  • Energy saving, low noise, steady long lifespan
  • Digital programmed control system, convenient to operate