Automatic Rolling Fire Rated Shutter

Fire Rated Shutter

Fire rated shutter is built to close themselves when a fire occurs through its thermal fusible connection or the fire alarm signal detection, without any requirement for battery backups or electricity. Digital Automation BD provides this rolling fire rated shutter anywhere in Bangladesh and give best solution for industrial safety.


There are 2 types of operation:

  • Self Coiling: operates in a push up and pull down manner, with additional safety features.
  • Electric Operated: operates using a fire motor unit, both single and 3-Phase.

Fusible Link: This is the most cost effective option. The fire rated door is activated independently when the heat around the link reaches approximately 75 ºC. (N.B It wont be triggered by smoke.)

Auto-Solenoid: The electrically operated fire roller systems solenoid when initiated by a 24 volt DC 5 amp supply starts closing the shutter at a controlled rate. The resetting solenoids mean that there is no need for expensive call out charges after fire tests or false alarms.

Digital Automation BD is committed to provide you the best quality fire rated shutter in Bangladesh. We also provide aluminium shutter, rolling shutter, High speed pvc shutter etc.