Automatic Aluminium Rolling Shutter

Aluminum Rolling Shutter

In Bangladesh, Several kinds of shutters are being used. But Nowadays, rolling shutter is the most popular one. Rolling shutter/door has different categories depending on multiple usage and requirements. For example, SB, DD, TGT . Rolling shutters can be made of different materials like Steel, Aluminium , PVC etc. Aluminium rolling shutter is mostly preferable for industrial, commercial and household purpose in Bangladesh.

Aluminum is light in weight, rust and dust proof. Therefore, we use aluminium to build shutters. No need to worry about the strength of this shutter. Digital Automation BD uses AA6063 T6 or AA6063 T5 which have tensile strength near about 250 Mpa.

For industrial purpose wind load is prime concern. According to wind load in Bangladesh, we prefer Aluminium insulated shutter. Digital Automation BD ensures you best quality rolling shutter that is able to operate quite smoothly. These smooth operation and rust proof property confirms the durability of our products.

We use Aluminium for side guides and bottom profile . We also have lockable bottom profile. That means, if the rolling shutter is down you can lock it. The photo cell sensor detects if any obstacle is present in free space. If present, it retracts.

Above all, we provide the best solution to choose world’s best components. You can customize the shutter by choosing best quality motor, sensor etc. Our engineers are ready to serve your desired product options. You can also look for rolling steel shutter , Fire rated shutter, Automatic High Speed PVC Shutter.

Aluminium Shutter Profile:

Aluminium Rolling Shutter in Bangladesh
Aluminium Rolling Shutter in Bangladesh