Automatic Rolling Shutter

Steel Shutter

In Bangladesh, usage of rolling shutter is increased in industry, household and commercial space. Shutter/door has different types depending on materials. The Decotherm insulated rolling shutter is one type of strong and durable shutter/door. Steel shutter is one of the cheapest and preferable door for warehouse,garage and other purpose.

Automatic Rolling Shutter

Steel has good metallurgical properties to overcome brittle fracture and fatigue. Steel rolling shutter has tensile strength of 400 to 490 Mpa and yield strength of 235 Mpa that properties of steel enhance the durability and strength.

For industrial purpose wind load, dust and rust is prime concern. According to wind load in Bangladesh, Digital Automation BD uses a double layer galvanized sheet or stainless steel filled with aluminum silicate fiber. For rust and dust proof we use powder coating which increases the surface finish and gives elegant look.

We use galvanized sheet for guide rail and box cover. We offer fascia panels and fixed assemblies when gaps need filling in between the lintel and the opening width, rubber seal at bottom. The tension spring assembly helps during manual opening and closing as well as a little force needs to operate the rolling shutter. The chain hoist is recommended for doors higher than 3500 mm.

Above all, we ensure the best solution to choose world’s best component. You can customize the shutter by choosing best quality motor,sensor, tension spring, chain hoist etc. Our engineers are ready to serve your desired product options anywhere in Bangladesh. You may also look for Automatic Aluminium Rolling Shutter, Automatic Grill Shutter, Automatic High Speed PVC Shutter.