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Automatic Fire Rated Rolling Shutter

Automatic fire rated rolling shutter is a specialized type of door or physical barrier that protect wall openings from the rapid spread of fire. These shutters are equipped with the ability to automatically close upon fire detection. Irrespective of whether it is a commercial establishment, an industrial facility, or a storage area, the significance of fire-rated shutters lies in their capacity to effectively prevent fire propagation and minimize its potential consequences.

How does the Automatic Fire Rated Rolling Shutter Operate?

These shutters are constructed using fire-resistant materials, such as steel or aluminum, and consist of interlocking slats or panels. They can be manually operated, motorized, or integrated with fire detection and alarm systems for automatic activation.
Understanding their operation is crucial for ensuring their effective use in protecting lives and property during fire incidents. We offer 2 types of operation in our shutters.

Self-Coiling Operation

Self-coiling shutters are manually operated in a push-up and pull-down manner. These shutters are equipped with additional safety features, ensuring controlled and safe operation. To close the shutter, you simply push it up, and to open it, you pull it down. This simple yet effective operation allows for quick deployment during fire emergencies, providing a reliable barrier against fire, smoke, and heat.

Electric Operated Operation

Electrically operated fire-rated rolling shutters utilize a fire motor unit for their operation. We provide two types of electric operated operations:

  • Fusible Link Activation: This method is cost-effective and relies on a fusible link mechanism. When the temperature around the link reaches approximately 75 ºC, the link melts, triggering the activation of the fire-rated door. It’s important to note that the fusible link is specifically designed to respond to heat and not smoke. This ensures that the shutter is activated only when there is a genuine fire hazard.
  • Auto-Solenoid Activation: In this operation method, an electrically operated fire roller system is equipped with an auto solenoid. When initiated by a 24-volt DC 5-amp power supply, the solenoid starts closing the shutter at a controlled rate. This automatic activation ensures a swift response to a fire incident, reducing the risk of fire spreading and protecting lives and property. Additionally, the system includes resetting solenoids, eliminating the need for costly call-out charges after fire tests or false alarms.
Fire Rated Rolling Shutter

Benefits of Fire-Rated Rolling Shutters at Workplace

Businesses in Bangladesh that operate large industrial machinery, such as RMG factories and electronic item factories, can greatly benefit from the installation of Fire-Rated Rolling Shutters to address their safety concerns. These shutters offer a range of key benefits that ensure the protection of their crucial instruments.


Fire Protection

The primary purpose of our shutters is to contain the spread of fire, smoke, and heat for 60 minutes to 4 hours within a confined area. By separating the fire from other areas, they limit its ability to rapidly spread throughout the building, allowing occupants more time to evacuate and giving firefighters a better chance to extinguish the fire.

Property Protection with fire rated shutter

By creating a physical barrier, these shutters help protect valuable assets, equipment, and inventory from fire damage. As well they prevent flames, heat, and smoke from reaching vulnerable areas, mitigating the risk of extensive damage to property and assets.

Smoke and Heat Control Shutter

In addition to containing fire, our rolling shutters play a crucial role in controlling the spread of smoke and heat. They restrict the movement of smoke, which is a major cause of injuries and fatalities during fires. By limiting smoke migration, these shutters can help maintain a clearer escape path for occupants, improving their chances of safe evacuation.

Automatic Operation for Quick Response

In the event of a fire, our shutters can be integrated with fire detection and alarm systems for automatic activation. This enables swift response and deployment of the shutters, minimizing the time between fire detection and the closure of the protective barrier.

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Automatic Fire Rated Rolling Shutter In Dhaka

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